Let go of gravity and grab some air on our sprawling wall-to-wall trampoline courts. Challenge a friend or show off your inner acrobat.
Reach new heights while flipping and jumping on the biggest trampoline court in our park.

  • Basketball: If basketball is you thing, get some air into your shots on our trampoline basketball hoops.
  • Foam Pit: Jump into a big pool of soft and squishy foam cubes for a super soft, super safe landing. Swing on the monkey bar, rope and twist ladder.
  • Battle Beam: Super-cool jousting arena at Trampo Extreme with colorful foam pits on either side. Keep your balance and knock your friends off the beam.
  • Trapeze: Embrace your inner acrobat with our trapeze only at Trampo Extreme. Show your moves before landing in the foam pit! 
  • Dodgeball Zone: Work as a team, defend your target and hit your opponents’.
  • High Jump: Show off your skills by dropping into the trampoline from an elevated platform to see how high you can make it back up the wall.
  • Airbag: The airbag is a perfect way to practice your flips with a soft and safe landing! 
  • Ninja Course: Up for a ninja challenge? Challenge yourself on the timer, or get a group together and see who is the champion Ninja!